Hi there Revelation Christian! Thanks for visiting this site to learn about events leading to Jesus second coming through the Book of Revelation. Even though this is the "about me" section, this is really about you and our Lord Jesus Christ.
So how did I get here? Well in short, as a child, I grew up in a Christian Church with a love for God and a relationship with Jesus. Then I went into world as a teen and young adult, trying to pursue a dream of becoming a filmmaker. Yet, even then my short films had Christian themes and references, but my life changed in 2010-I was having a son.
2011, I had a healthy beautiful baby boy, got married, and started a family. Then I realized, I'm not in control of anything-not illnesses, accidents, life events, etc. So I decided to devote my talents to Jesus, asking the Lord God to provide and protect my family, as I serve His Son. So I began reading the bible more and in 2013,  I was hyper focused on the Book of Revelation and signs leading to Jesus return.
Shockingly, the prophecy videos I posted on YouTube was later confirmed or the event happened (visit the Prophecy Page). So I reached out to my pastor, local pastors, national pastors to inform them what God was showing, confirming, and fulfilling, but nobody took me seriously.
So I looked into the gospel and noticed Jesus took His message straight to the people, to those who would hear. Likewise, I did the same and created this website and YouTube channel.
Since then, I've continued teaching on this topic and I've been flown out to churches to give live presentation. I'm so excited and humble by the feedback and impact this ministry has had and hope you're also rewarded it. It's my mission that Jesus increase in your heart and that you are more informed, aware, and prepared as His arrival draws closer. Let me know if you have any questions as you take a tour of the site and videos. Keep watching because JESUS IS COMING.


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