Revelation 17:12 - THE RISE OF 10 KINGS:

Watch for Queen Elizabeth of UK and Queen Margrethe of Denmark to be replaced by new kings. They're the last 2 Queens of Europe's 10 monarchs. This will make the path for the rise of Revelation 17:12 "1O KINGS".

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"...BLESSED are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find WATCHING."

-Lord Jesus Christ

Luke 12:37

All I want is for Jesus to increase in your heart, as I decrease.

What's "my story"? Well it's just like your story. Either you are familiar with Christianity or grew up in the Christian Church. For me, I had one foot in the world trying to find my way, and the another foot in Christ. Then I had that "wake up call" from God to take Jesus more seriously and follow Him. For me, that "wake up call" was when my son was born and when got I married. 

So I went back to church, but I noticed in today's time, you can see just how distant the "institutional traditional church" is from the Church Jesus created with His own blood. Jesus didn't teach health, wealth, and prosperity or use church-a-tainment to get a crowd. Christian awards, self seeking TV shows, or celebrity pastors with million dollar planes wasn't what Jesus had in mind on the cross. Even now we have pastors who don't teach from the bible, rather they give commentary for an hour rarely going back to scriptures, just to uphold tradition.  

Lastly, this one burns me up the most, Pastors don't teach or even read the Book of Revelation. Even though Jesus commands His believers to WATCH, Christians today don't know what to watch for. So with this built up frustration and passion to serve the Lord using the creative talents He gave me, in 2013 I was led to deep dive into the Book of Revelation. Soon after that, I started making YouTube videos teaching end time prophecy. Then what I taught on YouTube, that the Holy Spirit taught me, came to pass! Later, a church flew me out to Florida to teach prophecy for a weekend! Then many Christians across the world emailed me, saying my teachings helped them to increase Jesus in their heart. Now that filled my heart with joy!

Now I'm devoted to helping Christians understand the Book of Revelation and the signs leading to Jesus 2nd coming. Take a look around and see what the Holy Spirit has to teach you.