Sharing God's Message

With The World

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Hi Revelation Christians! Thanks for visiting and shopping at my store. I'm humbled by your support. I hope you find apparel that 1) gives Jesus the glory and 2) shares God's message to a dark, hopeless, suffering and dying world...JESUS IS COMING. The world needs this message and hope from above and we all can be the Lord's messengers.

 In addition, by wearing this apparel, you'll become an encouragement for other believers, affirming their faith in the Lord Jesus, giving brother & sisters in Christ hope to endure during trials & tribulation. 

God may even present an opportunity to draw a curious unbeliever to you, to hear the gospel about Jesus and His first arrival. In either case, as Revelation Christians, we are watching and shining God's message of truth and hope, as a light to so many living in a dark world, as the Lord Jesus said "BLESSED are those servants whom the master, when he comes will find WATCHING." Luke 12:37.