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The Revelation Christian will show the benefits and blessing of the book of revelation so that you’re not confused or frightened about reading the book of revelation and the topics including the rapture, Jesus second coming, the antichrist and false prophet.








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Now, there are a lot of Christians that don't read the book revelation, either the church don't talk about it in the past. It don't talk about it. There's they may not understand it, or it's just too scary to read. However, there are benefits to reading the book of revelation, and there's also blessings to read the book of revelation, but I'm going to bring to your attention so that you can benefit and receive a blessing from reading the book of revelation. So stay tuned. So I bring this to your awareness and hopes that you can receive these things stay tuned. You don't want to miss this.




Hey, I was watching books and walking to the revelation, Christian and I like to help Christians understand the book of revelation, bring clarity to it, update to news alerts regarding topics about the book of revelation and science leading to the Jesus' second coming. Now, this is all new to you. How they recommend you visit my website subscribe, or you could also download a prophecy guide that I made for you, where you could track past, present, and future props that looked for that way to bring you up to speed. And we're all on the same page. If you want to help promote Jesus, like I do, you can visit my apparel store and you can see all the links in the description below. And here's my proof of prophecy in June 27th, 2014 per the teaching holy spirit. I said, watch for princess. I've been to lob Jordan.


The one I believe to be the few chancellor Christ to meet Pope Francis. The one who I believe to be the future frost prophet. I said watch for these two to me, but you're supposed to teach in the holy spirit. And I posted a video on YouTube explaining this in order for you to valid, to see the validation of what the holy spirit is showing us all. And three months later, September of 2014, it came to pass. So what I posted per the teaching of the Lord came to pass so that you can see that the holy spirit is teaching us all what's happening today, as it relates to prophesy in the book of revelation. So if you feel that you're being led by the spirit to be taught by the Lord, definitely make sure that you hit that subscribe button and hit the notification bell.


So never posting this video, you'll get an alert. So let's see what the holy spirit has to teach us today. Benefits of reading the book of revelation. All right, here we go. So what is the book of revelation? Why should you read it? And the benefits of reading the book of revelation? Okay. Now what I'm going to point out here is the book of revelation is a book of prophecy about future events, where God would reveal to the world the truth of his word, salvation judgment, condemnation of full revelation and conquering king Jesus Christ, the future world over. So that's essentially the premise of the book revelation. It's a, it's a prophetic book of future events. Make sure you don't believe anyone that tells you it's about events that happened in the past. And it's just metaphors and inspirational poetry and biblical Christian literature. It's not true.


It's prophetic future events. And I'll show you that in just a second, but nonetheless, it's about it's called slice attempt to get you in the world to repent and believe and follow Jesus Christ. The love, the savior more than a sin, the love the Lord more than this world. And there will be a series of events that God will on the earth to get the world to wake up. That will result in people being saved from some of those events that happen in the world. The notes will be subject to those events for those who don't believe it. And then the final judgment or AKA lake, a fire that will happen to those who totally reject the gift of God, which is the SA the, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Let's take a look at the different chapters of the Bible and then give you just a general layout and then talk about the benefits and blessings.


Let's take a look. Now, the book of revelation has a series of 22 chapters. And then the first chapter is the introduction in letters to Christians, different types of questions, to how to living from Jesus Christ. Then it has an events that happened in chapters five through 11, which essentially it was called. The tribulation tribulation is initiated by a series of events that set forth by the unlocking of these seals. You have a first through the sixth seal, then you have the seventh seal and then events are initiated through these holes. These trumpets being blown, the first of the fourth trumpet, the fifth of the sixth trumpet. And then you have the seventh trumpet here, which make no mistake is what you wear that Brasher happens. As Paul says that behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall all not sleep, but we shall be changed in a moment in a twinkling at the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.


Those about the dead and Christ will rise first. And then we, those who are alive will be, uh, would join them in the cloud that join the Lord in the sky. So that happens at the AKA, the last trumpet. Hear the last trumpet. Now again, do not believe anyone that tells you otherwise, because if the scriptures were to say that this event, what happened at the first seal or the fifth trumpet or the last bowl, or the first seal, you, you clearly know what it is. Let's just like when we know Jesus rose on the third day, we wouldn't interpret it to mean the second day or the first day. If the scripture says that this event happens at the last trumpet, then we know the last trumpet here. The seventh trumpet is whether Roger happens. Nonetheless, we have these rats events that God pours out on the earth.


The worst of the worst, which is indicated by the initiation of these bowls, the first of the seventh bowl. And then we have, uh, we have Jesus who returns to earth to destroy the false prophet and the anti-Christ. And then he rules the earth for a thousand years, imprisoning Satan for a thousand years. And then it's final judgment for Satan and unbelievers. And all everyone is all believers are taken to a new heaven, a new earth. So that's a general outline of the book revelation. So you can see from beginning in the sequence of events where the rapture happens. So that generalizes, just the chapters. Now we're going to talk about the benefits and the blessings of reading the book of revelation. So if we just outline that, why should you read it? Well, let's look, revelation. One tells us that blessed is he who reads a nose of the, who hear the words of this prophecy and those who keep the things which are written in it for the time is near.


And we hear again, we have, again, revelation 22, Jesus says, behold, I'm coming quickly. Blessed is he keeps the words of this prophecy, the open this book. So we see that the Lord is telling us here that there you are blessed. You are blessed just for reading the book of revelation or those who hear the words of this prophecy. And we see here that the Lord is telling us in chapter 22, blessed those who keep the words of this prophecy of this book. So there's a blessing to reading this prophetic book of events that's going to happen in the future. Now, what is a blessing? Let's see an outline with that is now, how will God bless you? Well, we clearly see that in job chapter one, verses nine through 11 Satan temps, God to take job's life and, and watch this encounter here. So Satan answered the Lord and said, behold, this job period, you put nothing.


Have you made him, have you not made a hedge around him? One Ray made a hedge around him. So we see that sickness eyeballing himself, Joe, to have you also been, I made a hedge around his household. So we see that you can eyeball in his household. Three, we see that Satan says, have you not made a hedge around all that he has? And then we have four and bless the works of his hand. Blessed the works I say in five and his possessions have increased and the land. So we see that Satan when approaching God to inflict so much trauma on to job seeding is ball in five things that God has blessed him with. One himself, God has blessed to himself. Then God has blessed his household three, God has blessed everything. He has his friends. Then God is blessed the works of his hand and then his possessions.


So this is what we've seen clearly how glide, how God can bless the individual. So in which job, of course, no, which Satan of course knows because God Satan understands God very well. So Tate knows that this is how God blesses the individual hymns, his household, his friends, everything that he had, the worst of his hand, his job or their possessions. And that's the thing that God wants to do with you when you read this book. So when you read this book, Jesus says that you're blessed. Those who keep it. John writes in the very beginning that you're a blessed of those who hear, and those who read and hear it. And how have you blessed? Well, we see that God blesses you just like in the case of job, he blesses you individually. Then he blesses those in your household. Then he blesses those who are around you, your friends then from that, it can extend outward.


Your extended family extends outward further than that, where it blesses the works of your hand, your job then extends further out than that, your possession. So it's kind of like when someone were to pour water on you, the water would be poured directly on you. And then you splatter a spillage that goes outside of that, or as it rolls away from you in an outward is how God blesses you. So he will bless you by pouring out blessings on you. And then that spillage would just go from you or in the case like Joe or yourself. And they would go out to your household, out to your extended family, out to your, your, your worst ever hand out to your possessions. And that is what God wants to do with you. He wants to be able to bless you. And it's his word. He cannot lie.


So if you just pick up the book of revelation and read it, keep the prophecy here that you can get the audible and just listen to it coming. It's so simple. All you have to do is listen to the words of the book of the prophecy. And God would be able to do the same for you as he did for Joe. And God cannot be a held a liar. He loves when you go back to him and present him with his word, that he might be held, that he must keep himself true, because there's no way God is impossible for God to lie. Now, look at the well, Jesus also says he warns us. He gives us a warning, and this is a benefit because if Jesus is warning us, then it's good that we hear adhere to his warning sands here. Jesus warns Christians.


You will be terrified and surprise. If you do not watch revelation 33 membered, therefore how you have received and heard whole faster and pent. Therefore, if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief and you will not know what hour will come upon you. And he says again, in revelation 16 behold, I'm coming quickly as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and who keeps his garment, leasees walk naked and they see his shame. And that's the benefit. The benefit is that Jesus gives us a warning so that we do not stumble. We do not fall. We do not have our shame, uh, revealed because we're covered with the garment of righteousness, believing in Jesus Christ. We are not caught as a thief would catch someone, but who was not watching. So kind of like, for example, if you're going on a road and someone that you meet along your travels says, don't go that way.


Cause there's a broken bridge. Well, then you'll be so glad that you listen because there are occupants in the car with you and yourself might end up, uh, uh, suffering, uh, experiencing tragedy, going over a broken bridge work would cost you your life. But if someone would tell you that and you believe it, you'll be so thankful. And I was like, oh, it's such a benefit and blessing that I met this person in the morning. We don't go over that bridge because it would have cost me my life. So here we have Jesus warning us of the time and the book of revelation leading to his return, warning us not to, uh, ignore the book revelation, but to keep it into watch and to keep the prophecies. So that way we will not be caught naked. We won't be caught, uh, in terrified as a thief who approaches us surprising us.


Imagine if you imagine a log, it really understand what Jesus is saying. Imagine going to your house and the thief is there. You'll be terrified. You see these in your house, you wouldn't be caught off guard. You weren't watching were prepared. You weren't, you wouldn't know how to handle it immediately, unless you have a background where you know how to handle stuff like that. But nonetheless, Jesus is warning us that if you don't adhere to his warning, you won't receive the benefit, but I hope that helped you out. I hope you see it, that the blessing in reading the book of revelation and keeping the prophecy and hope you see the benefit and adhering to the warning that Jesus says so that we don't get caught, like a thief would catch us with we're not watching. So tell me what your thoughts are. I'd love to hear your comments or questions. Leave a comment below and give me a thumbs up. So the YouTube algorithm can push it out to others. And thank you so much for watching. Love you guys so much and don't lose hope because Jesus is coming.

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