Where Is The Antichrist In The OT: Book Of Isaiah - Prince Hassan Bin Talal: The 2nd Assyrian.

This video will explore how the Antichrist was characterized in the Old Testament of the Bible. Many times the OT foreshadows future events, people, or judgement as a way to warn the world of God's judgement, and what's to come to those who reject Him and His truth and righteous ways. In this video you will see how the Antichrist was described by the Prophet Isaiah during the 7th century BC. Though the word "Antichrist" is a Greek word, and the Greeks didn't conquer the known world until the 3rd century BC, the "Antichrist" went by a different name prior to the Greek known language-The Assyrian. Watch this video to see what God said of the 1st Assyrian to learn what Prince Hassan Bin Talal will do in the future as the 2nd Assyrian.