Capital Protest And 2021 Bible Prophecy Happening Now

The Capital protest shows us coming 2021 bible prophecy happening now. On Jan 6, 2021, President Trump incited a protest of Trump followers to march to the US Capital, breach the fence, violently enter the building and then vandalize and destroy federal property. US congressional officials and and their staff, including Vice President Pence were rushed to secure safe spaces. This is huge end time news and as I said before, America must decline and fall as the moral nation of the world, in order for the world to respond and call for new leadership, the prophesied Revelation 17:12, 10 Kings. This event will trigger other Revelation events needed for the Antichrist and False Prophet to rise. What President Trump did, and will do, explains why America is not mentioned in the Bible. Please believe, all of this plays a role in end time prophecy, leading to the next prophecy to watch for, the rise of the 10 Kings.

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