How To Understand The Timing Of The Book Of Revelation

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So check out this revelation. Now, previously, I showed you how Pope Francis fulfills the book of revelation chapter 17, verse 11, he's the King. But I also showed you how that teaches us that we need to look at the book of revelation differently, not in chronological order through the chapters. Rather chapter 17 is moved way ahead, seeing that we see that it's happening now, as we speak, giving us a new understanding and a new perspective of how we should approach the book of revelation. So today you want to learn how we should look at the book of revelation. Since the Holy spirit has taught us, given us this new revelation, there's new wine for this new wines can move in chapter 17 way ahead seeing that is happening now, as we speak, how should we look at it? That's what we're going to discuss today. How should we interpret and follow the sequence of time in the book of revelation, stay tuned. You don't want to miss this.

Hey, I'm West Watchman Brooks, and welcome to the revelation Christian. And I try to help Christians understand the book of revelation as it pertained to people and events that are happening today, right before our eyes in order to prepare us all for Jesus' second coming. So I'm sure you're seeing so many videos on this topic, but here's my proof of prophecy so that you don't have any doubt. While on June 27 per the teaching of the Holy spirit, I posted a video showing who I believe the future antichrist and the future false prophet will be Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan and Pope Francis. And I said, watch for these two for me, because before they go through their prophesied catastrophe, before they go do what the Bible said, they're going to do. They got a meet at some point. So I posted it on a video June 27th, watch for these two to me and per the teaching of the Holy spirit, just as I said, just as I post it, they met three months later, September 4th.

So what the Holy spirit taught that I said came to pass so that you and I, and all who watched this can see we are living in that time. We are seeing the preparation of the events of the book of revelation unfolding right before our eyes. But if that eases your concern and that eases your doubt, then you need to pay attention to the next prophecy, which is revelation 17, 12, which is the rise of these 10 Kings. So watch for queen Elizabeth UK to be replaced by King watch for queen of Denmark to be replaced by King watch for these two Queens and them to be replaced by Kings in which that will then set in motion. The next prophecy revelation 17, 12, the rise of the tin Kings. And we want to keep in touch with me and join the community and revelation Christians. I highly recommend you visit my website and revelation And if you definitely want to support what I do, if you moved by the Holy spirit, by moved by God to be a cheerful giver, you can see details below in the description, how you might want to support what I do, donations or apparel with book of revelation themes. You can find all types of things in my store that will support what I do. Thank you so much. And I do appreciate your support. So let's see what the Holy spirit has to teach us today.

So in a previous

Video, I discussed the timing of the book revelation based or center around the concept of the pre-trip doctrine, which indicates that everyone should be raptured by chapter four. If you read in the book of revelation in chronological order per the chapters, then you see that or by the doctrine indicates that everyone should be raptured by chapter four, thereby not saying anything, any other events that happens after chapter four, because every one to be raptured by chapter four. However, the video that I did debunks that, but, and as it did debunk the pretrib doctrine, seeing that we see revelation 17 happening. Now, the question now is, well then how do we understand the timing on the event of the book of revelation? Seeing that the Holy spirit has given us new revelation, new wine for our new wineskins because he's pouring something new into us, but we need to have a new wineskins to accept it.

Because again, as Jesus taught, if we brought in old wine skin with a new wine point, they won't stay, one's going to give into the other, but they both would be destroyed. So we need a new mindset to accept this new wine that the Lord spirit Lord, Holy spirit is giving us. So let's pick up where we left off. So we could try to explain, so we could try to understand how should we understand the timing and the sequence of the book of revelation. Now, since we see something totally new, that's outside the scope of the traditional perspective of the timing of the book of revelation, specifically to PreTrib a doctrine. So let's take a look. So how do we understand the timing of the book of revelation? Well, we first realized that revelation 17, 10, the verse that States the other who's the number seven, the seventh will be there for a short time.

The seventh King in this prophecy was fill in February, 2013 when Pope Benedict resigned, which broke a six or 700 year tradition because most pubs go to depositions to die, but Pope Benedict resigned. And as a result, this fulfilled the prophecy where he will be there for a short time. That King will be there for a short time. And as a result of him leaving the next prophecy, which was verse 11, says the beast of the sea, because this chapter 17 is talking about a beast of the sea, which you could see in this graphic here. And it says that he himself is the eighth and he's of the seventh, which is again, he's up the Pope and he's going into darkness going into perdition. And this was fulfilled in following them month. And this prophecy was fulfilled. So we see that Pope Francis fulfilled revelation 17, 11 as he's the eighth King, the beast of the sea as his predecessor fulfilled verse 10 as he was the one who was there for a short time.

So then we picked up where the pre-trib doctrine indicates everyone will be raptured and chapter four, because John is here's the voice come up here. So it's interpreted that the church will hear the church will go up there too. Then we have the tribulation that's mentioned in these sequences of chapters here from chapter five, three 11, which, uh, goes off to explain the seals and then in conclusion to the seal and then introduction of the trumpets, and then the fifth and sixth trumpet in the conclusion of the trumpets chapter 11. And then we have this era, which is called the wrath or the wrathful God. She goes about exploring, which goes about, uh, talking about the bowls of wrath that's poured on the earth. But we hear, we see chapter 17 that introduces Oh, Francis, that he's as he fulfills verse 11. Now we find that since Pope Francis fulfills chapter 17, when then we move that up ahead of the verses, seeing that we see in this happen.

And now, however, we don't see the events of the first and the sixth seal happening yet. So the Holy spirit is teaching us that he can fulfill prophecy, any order that he wants. And we see that chapter 17 is happening now or wherever the vents of the first seal and no other seals hasn't happened yet. We haven't seen the events of the seals have been yet. So that tells us that 17 is happening as we speak, but we still have these other events that supposed to happen later. And this also, again, debunk star pre-trip doctrine. Because again, if chapter four, if the pre Egypt trip doctrine was correct, chapter four, we mean we'll be out of here and we should not be seeing any of this stuff, but as we can see it, as the Holy spirit is showing us, we see chapter 17 happening now, and we're still here.

So that is not a fact anymore. Now, if we continue, let's see, well, how are we supposed to understand the sequence of a bit as it pertains to the book of revelation, let's check this out. Now, the question is, well, how do you understand the events of the book revelation? Number one, watch how God fulfills the prophecy, which sets the order, watch how God fulfills the prophecy, which sets the order. Have you gone through the book of Matthew? You'll find that there was a prophecy mentioned about Jesus. And it was mentioned in Jeremiah. He was, he spoke first about this particular property as it pertained to Jesus' birth when he was baby baby Jesus. But that prophecy that Jeremiah said was fulfilled last, which pertain to the baby, the, uh, the death of the first one born when King Herod went to go mass for all the kids under two years old.

Oh, the soccer prompts that came after Jeremiah was from Hosea. Hosea had a second prophecy pertaining to baby Jesus in the events of when he was a child, but that problems to be able to thrill second, which was the flight to Egypt. And then we had the last prophecy, which fulfilled, which was spoken by Micah. But Mike has prophecy pertaining to baby. Jesus was fulfilled first. So what we see here is, as it pertained to prophecy, Jeremiah spoke first Hosea spoke second Makiah spoke third, but look what the Holy spirit did in terms of fulfilling it. What was spoken first was fulfilled last well spoken second fulfill second was spoken. Last was fulfilled first. So the, the way in which the order was set was fulfilled opposite on the way in the way in which the order was given. So the Holy Spirit's showing us here, the way it was prophecy was given does not dictate the order in which you will fulfill.

So let me know what you think. This was definitely an eye-opener for me and the Lord gave me this revelation and gave me this new wine. Let me know what you think. Leave your comments below and tell me what your thoughts are. Or if you have any question about it, I love to engage with you and have a conversation with you about it. And that does the same thing we see here happening in revelation 17. We see these chapters outlining these prophecies. That's going to happen just like we started Jeremiah Hosea and Micah also given prophecy about Messiah, just like revelations, about prophecies, about Messiah. However, when it came to the fulfillment of those prophecies, they happen in a different order, opposite order actually. So that gives us the precedent to understand that revelation 17 can happen first before anything else, because that's what the Holy spirit has already did.

And that's what the Holy spirit is currently showing us. So, so far, we understand that precedent that yes, prophecy can happen out of order. And we need to number one, watch prophecy for fill the way which we can understand the sequence of prophecy is by understanding the order in which it's fulfilled, because that brings clarity. Jesus did that his whole time when he walked around, brought clarity to prophecy. So now let's look at another way in which we could understand the sequence of prophesy. So the second way we can understand the events of the book of revelation is number two, when God sets the chronological order, Tema, God says the chronological order. Then it's totally easy to understand the event in a way in which you will fold. However, when we look at the example of baby Jesus, again, Jeremiah Smith, first Jose [inaudible] spoke third.

It wasn't stated in the scriptures that what Jeremiah said would happen first, what McCaya said, how say it said happened second. [inaudible] what happened. Third. There's nothing in the scriptures that says that those events would happen in the wing, which the way in the order, which we give it, which then gave the Holy spirit, the flexibility to pre-fill them in the order in which God will write. However, we do see that God does give us chronologic order in the book of revelation and that chronological order is set. And we'll see how that in, in, in that term, in that context, we can then understand what will happen in chronological order, because God has given us the chronological order. So let's take a look at it so I can show you what I mean. So let's look at this. There's no confusion when it comes to the creation and what happened on the first day, we know the first day is the first day.

We know what happened on the first day. Just like when the second day we know what happened, just like on the third day, we know what happened in the fourth day. We know what happened in the fifth day. We know what happened in the sixth day. We don't happen in a seventh day. We know what happened. So God has given us here chronological order. And with this chronological order that he's given us, we have no confusion to determine what happened. First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. With this being stead, we have clarity in terms of the events that unfolded during the creation. If God would have said he created the heavens, created the firmament agriculture, sun, and moon, living creatures, spiritual beings, and he got rested. Remember on the sixth day, God created the spiritual beings, but then in chapter two, God then gave him bodies.

Like he molded the man out of the dirt and he brought, he batters out of Adam's rib, but that's a whole totally different subject. Anyway. So the chronological order here gives us the understanding that when God says the chronological order, we can then follow the events in way in which they will unfold. Likewise, when we look at the book of revelation, God gave us a chronological order as it pertains to the seals for a seal. Second seal, third seal, fourth seal fifth seal sixth seal, seventh seal than we have the trumpet. Second trumpet, third trumpet for trumpet. Fifth, Trump is six trumpet, seventh trumpets. Then we have to first bowl, second bowl, third bowl, fourth bowl, fifth [inaudible] seventh bowl. And look, we even have a first world, second world in third world. So what God has done is given us the chronological order to be able to understand the event in way in which will fold so that we can then follow this mapping of how the events were full, because they will be centered around the chronological order.

He has already set thereby understanding the way in which the events unfold. And that's the way in which we can understand how the events will unfold rather than unraveled because they center around the corner logical order. He's already given us compared to chapter 17, which is not centered around these different chronological orders of first, second, third, fourth, et cetera. We have chapter 17 and a sequence. I'm a bit. But what we do have is we see prophecy being fulfilled in that event, in that proxy in chapter 17 and moved all the way up before the first seal. So now we could then take that, apply it to the chronological order and see, okay, so we see that God has fulfilled this a bit and it must fit between these chronological orders, B series of events, because this order we can trust. Cause he said it, he set the order and now all we have to do is watch how he fulfills it and make sure it fits within the framework that he's given us. And that's how we can understand the timing of the book of revelation. So thanks for watching davening license video. Leave me a comment and also share this other question so we can wake them up and don't lose hope folks, because we remember Jesus is coming.

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