Like Jesus Who Provided "Living Water," Prince Hassan Bin Talal Want To Provide Water Too

Prince Hassan Bin Talal continues with his effort to promote energy, water, and infrastructure within Jordan through one of his many chaired organizations, Higher Council of Science of Technology (HCST). He has been advocating for vast amounts of funding for the sake of "human dignity" a coined phrase of the Prince. In this hearing, the Prince was supported by European, Arab, and American experts and and expressed that "joint work helps cultivate trust". Just wait until this "joint work" that "cultivates trust" is on a global scale as it gets closer to the end time. Yet if you ask Prince Hassan Bin Talal (the one the scriptures suggest to be the future Antichrist), he will tell you

“We must expand our expertise to include sociography — once more placing the need of human beings at the centre of our societies, not just profit and corporate gain.” The counterfeit prince of peace.

Its quite interesting to note that as Jesus Christ came to earth to build God's kingdom-a heavenly infrastructure and give "living water". Likewise we see Prince Hassan Bin Talal doing the same on a human scale promoting an earthly infrastructure and giving actual water for the region.

The problem Prince Hassan has is that he has not received funding as of yet. This is where Pope Francis comes in. Remember Daniel 2 prophecy where the feet mixed with iron and clay-two kingdoms working together-the partnership. We'll talk about this later.

The article reports "the prince also stressed the importance of expanding the use of mapping in the region and urged gathered parties to establish national and international platforms for facilitate comprehensive dialogue, working with governments, the private sector and civil society to form multidisciplinary solutions to the complex challenges."

None the less, once again, Prince Hassan Bin Talal has portrayed himself as the advocate and hero of the people, which the world will endorse and lift up. Only for satan to possess him during the end times and usher in the worse parts of the Book of Revelation.

Keep watching Revelation Christian.