Revelation 17:12 - THE RISE OF 10 KINGS:

Watch for Queen Elizabeth of UK and Queen Margrethe of Denmark to be replaced by new kings. They're the last 2 Queens of Europe's 10 monarchs. This will make the path for the rise of Revelation 17:12 "1O KINGS".

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PROOF The Book Of Revelation Is Real - Witness The TRUTH Of Scripture With Your Own Eyes!

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Now we know the Book of Revelation mentions end time world events leading to Jesus returns, including the Antichrist, and the False Prophet. Problem is that most Christian don't believe in the apocalypse. Well, here's proof-see for yourself how real this book is. After watching it, if you believe what you see with your own eyes, as it matches scripture, the Holy Spirit will draw your heart closer to Jesus to prepare you for Jesus return. Sadly though, some "Christian scholars" even suggest that this book is NOT about events of the end of the world. Yea...we'll see about that, as the world comes to an end and Jesus' kingdom on earth starts to begin.