Prophecy Fulfilled 605 BC - 562 BC

In 598 God has judged Israel for their rejection of Him and acceptance of unrighteousness and worship of false gods (Book of Jeremiah). So God gave the Jews over to the Babylonian Empire where they were taken back to Babylon for 70 years aka Babylonian Captivity. Then in Daniel 2, God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a dream that was a prophecy showing the kingdoms of the world through time beginning from the Babylonian Kingdom to Messiah's Kingdom of God on earth. In the dream, King Nebuchadnezzar sees a tall statue of a man: head of gold, arms and chest of silver, waist of bronze, legs of iron, and feet mixed with iron and clay. Daniel reveals that the gold head, represents Babylon, would be conquered by another kingdom of partners. This was fulfilled when the Medes & Persians partnered to become the Persian Empire and in 539BC they conquered the Babylon Empire and it came to an end with a new empire ruling the known world. 


Revelation 17:12 - THE RISE OF 10 KINGS:

Watch for Queen Elizabeth of UK and Queen Margrethe of Denmark to be replaced by new kings. They're the last 2 Queens of Europe's 10 monarchs. This will make the path for the rise of Revelation 17:12 "1O KINGS".

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