The Harlot Sits On 7 Heads. Vatican Sits On 7 Mountains

With the Lord pointing to the Vatican regarding the Cardinals who wears red, and the Bishops who wear purple, and the Pope's tiras that are adorned with gold and precious stones, the Lord gives us even more clarity regarding the identity of this beast-the the location. The Lord tells us in Revelation 17:9, "The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits." So with everything the Lord has already showed us, pointing to the Vatican and Popes, we can further confirm this because the prophecy tells us the 7 heads belonging to the beast are actually mountiains where the woman sits between. Likewise, the Vatican, sits in the middle of the seven mountains. Some prophecy teachers will say that these seven heads are seven kingdoms. Wrong. The same Greek word used when Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, is the same Greek word used here for 7 mountains.