Vol. 5-Part 2: Flattery Of the Antichrist: "Water & Human Environment"

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So you want to learn about the Antichrist? Well, the Bible talks about how the antichrist will see the world using flattery. And in this video, you'll hear and see what his own words, how Prince Hassan bin Talal uses flattery to speak about water in the environment. And you're also see how his words mirrors that of Judas from the Bible. Then after that, you'll come to see how I believe the scriptures are pointing to this man as the one who will be the future anti-Christ

Hey, I'm West Watchman, Brooks how Christians understand the topics around the book of revelation and I show detail and specific signs and prophetic events pointing to Jesus second coming now. Remember to subscribe if you want to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the book of revelation and in time events and prophecy, and so that you can also stay up to date with the events leading to jesus' second coming, join me so we can share God's hope and truth to a dark and hopeless world. And that is Jesus is coming. Now as for me, I've been doing this for a couple of years and had the opportunity to be flown out of state and give live presentations about these topics and what the Holy spirit taught that I posted on YouTube saying prophetic event to watch for later came to pass three months after I posted on YouTube so that you can know that these are the teachings of the Holy spirit.

And we are all students of the Holy spirit learning from him. So I'm glad that you're here. And since we're all students of the Holy Spirit, let's see what the Holy spirit has the team just today. Now, if you hadn't had a chance to watch the previous, uh, part one to this series, antichrist and his flattery definitely recommend you watch the first one so that we can, it could lead you into the second one because this is a four-part series in this answer part series that I'm creating. So definitely watched the first one. And now we're going to go to the second one and pick up where we left off talking about his flattery. Let's begin. Now we're going to pick up where we left off last time, where we're, again, we're talking about the antichrist and this flattery we see in Daniel 11. It says that those who do wickedly he, the covenant to take commandments.

That of God he enterprise shall corrupt, but flattery. So it says the antichrist, will corrupt the world or those, and how he's going to corrupt said corrupt using the flattery. And it's going to specifically target those who do against the covenant, who are wicked against govern, who do not want to follow God's ways in his commandments. So he's going to easily trick these people by using flattery. And when we look at the Greek term of what flattery is, it means smoothness or find promises, smoke this, or find promises. So basically things that people want to hear, the fine promises, your health wealth prosperity. The fine promises you'll receive this. You'll receive that. Just things that are so soothing to the ears. This is how he will flat or the world you would tell the world the most eloquent promises, things that sounds so good to hear.

It'll be so easy to deceive him. This is the flatter the scripture's talking about. Now we're looking at Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, and he is the guy who, who wants to bring peace, water, and interfaith dialogue to the world. And if you go to his website, you'll see that these are his four pillars, human dignity, and the Arab world, water, energy and environment, regional cooperation and interface solidarity. So this is what we're going to look at today will be the water energy in the human environment. Part one, discuss the human dignity in the Arab world. And now part two, we're talking about water energy in the human environment. So what does that mean? It's talking about, he wants to improve human living, search situations and surroundings with massive billion dollar investments. That's what he's talking about in terms of, with respect to water energy in the human environment. Now, when we look to what he's talking about specifically, let's watch this interview and then we'll comment on his remarks about his ambition.

How is this still the situation? The correlation is always between building shopping malls, making money on new investments, hosting the next Olympic games or whatever it may be. But nobody's focusing on the human face of misery today. Water is one of those challenges. Food security of course is another challenge, but everything is interrelated. We humans have simply not taken home. The context of the physical environment, being also the human environment. So everyone talking about the GDP deficit, but thought about the human dignity deficit. So I think that the time has come to recognize that we simply have to manage our destiny. Uh, and in particular, in terms of a future generation, this is not about me. I'm not important. It's about the kids and their kids.

So in this group, we see that he's talking about advocating for improving the human side for circumstances and situation around those who are living in environments, where water is the problem providing clean water is a problem sanitation and the problem. And yes, that is a problem that is in the world. But he's talking about the one who wants to advocate and be the one there'll be the savior to people, fried water and to improve living circumstances to in these individuals, as he's talks about how everyone's worried about capitalism or worried about return on investments and profit, which is true. But this is what he's saying. That if you just give me the money, if you would just give me back my vision and with the money that I'm looking for, I can help improve the situation, help improve the circumstances while also saying it's not about me.

No, no, no, no. I'm not important. It's who am I? I'm just, I'm just a guy who has all these honors knows the world who has, who has been passed over for a crown who should've been King, but not King. And now I'm, I'm not just, I'm just trying to save the world, but I'm not important. Believe me, this is that flattery we're talking about. This is the things you will totally agree upon. But remember what scripture is showing us based off what he is saying. We see that there's an agenda, a different agenda and a different outcome. That's going to come from this based off the flattery he's telling the world, but let's continue. So let's see what else he has to say on this topic of human environment.

I think that, uh, we will know if there is progress when, uh, the, who says $530 billion by 2050 and over the next decade for water and sanitation, as compared to the trillions spent on the military industrial complex success would be to address in human. Um, the, the attitude that no water people is going to be unpolluted by 2030, if by 2015, we had taken a grip on a human knowledge base, an economic knowledge base and a physical knowledge base of where the executive, these people are, what they need to be enabled and how much money is required. Then maybe we can feel that we have arrived at the template of success.

So as princess Sarah was speaking about what he wants to do. He wants to WHL to be able to invest $530 billion to help improve this. Now folks, this is the deceptive part of all of this is as you saw the footage that was being showed there, and you'll see how people in these villages were just giving a ho duh duh, in order to fix the sanitation issue a hole. It doesn't look well, PVC pipes are connected with those, with the makeshift door, bathroom, and boom, there you go. There's your bathroom. Or do you have folks who, other parts of the villages where you saw water was just coming out of it's a spicket, and then you'd see how they were just washing the hands out a bucket. It just astounds me the amount of money. This world has, the amount of wealth that's just been consolidated, and this is the best the world can do to help the world.

And that's because Satan rules this world folks, Satan rules as well, even at its best, even at the greatest that the world comes together and does, it's still ruled by satan. satan rules this world. He has no compassion for mankind. He has no empathy for mankind, no sympathy for me. He does not care about mankind. He wants mankind to destroy because we are in the image of God. So when you see that this world is ruled by seed and you see how the world's wealth is consolidate, and you hear how princess on been to out, wants to improve the world, but $530 billion make no mistake. That what we see scripture, tell us in what the scripture tells us, what he's going to do that will not happen. The world will not just wake up one day and solve the sanitation human environment issues. That's plaguing so many people across the planet that is not going to happen.

I'm going to show you already that we already see this pattern and the world doesn't doesn't change. So let's take a look at that. Let's take a look at this article here in 2019, ABC reported that nearly half of the world entire wealth is in the hands of millionaires. That half the world's wealth folks is in the hands of millionaires. So let's just take this out here. So we see that this data that's providing unsafe water and attracts unsafe water and with respect to deaths. And we see that in the world from 20 1990 to 2017, there's been 2.1 million people from then till 2017, 2.1 million people who die from on safe water. Now we see this over this 26, 26 year period, period. It's still been in the millions of people, drinking, unsafe water and diet. Even now we see that half the world's wealth is in the hands of millionaires.

So let's look at this real quick to really visualize how the trend is showing us the world popular seven points, 7.6 billion in since 2018. Let's give this reflection, this part here and equivalent of 300 or 6 trillion. So we see that the world's population is 7.6 billion, which reflects $360 trillion. And we see a half of that population, 3.8 billion and half of that wealth, 180 trillion. So we see that this represents have the world's population, half the world's wealth. We found in that article 46 million millionaires have half of the world's wealth, $158 trillion. So 46 millionaires million millionaires have this much money. This few amount of people have this much wealth. And the article tells us 1.2 million people die from unclean water. So there's been this few people since 1992, 2017, we find that this many people are dying from unclean drinking water. And yet until 2019, we find that 46 million millionaires have this much money.

And you mean to tell me that it's, um, it's, it's impossible for them to contribute, to help the world. Of course, it's not impossible. They're just keeping everything folks. This is the nature of the world. This is what Satan puts the heart of those who follow the world to keep for yourself. So that's why we see that. If Prince Hassan bin Talal gets what he wants, 530 billion for his ambition to solve the world's problems, believe me, or believe what you're seeing already with regards to human nature. It won't happen. But yeah, he'd been the richest man in the world up there with Bezos, bro, probably more so what did Jesus tell us about rich? He said, but wolves are those who are rich for your receive your constellation. Then it says, in revelation, you say, I am rich. I become wealthy and have need of nothing.

You do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. This is how God views the rich this. When they have a heart where they feel they don't need nothing there, wretched miserable, poor, blind, and naked. And they have, they're the first ones now, but there'll be the last ones later you see. So we see that this is the trick of the world or saving rather to make them rich. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan to give him earthly riches. Now what the Holy spirit is teaching you, helping you grow in your knowledge, understanding of the book of revelation, Prince Hassan, bin Talal and the answer price, et cetera. Definitely. I would love to hear about it, but leave a comment below or you go punching them below. I love to discuss what you have on your mind about what we're talking about.

Nonetheless, if you're just excited about seeing Jesus coming with the Holy spirit, showing you then put in the comments below, Jesus has come in. I would love to see that too, but this is what's so astounding about this, and we're going to now see how the words of Judas compares to Prince Hassan Bin Talal. First of all, in the scriptures, Judas is called the son of perdition. Okay. This is a title that is given to Judaism. Title means the son of darkness. So we see that the son of perdition title was given to Judas. But then we see that in the antichrist. It's also given the same title. It says enterprise has caught sort of traditional. So first of all, audience, so we see that the only two individuals in the Bible in human history who have this title center condition is Judas and a future enterprise.

So the takeaway is the Lord wants us to learn about Judas, to understand the anti-Christ. That's the takeaway here. Learning more about Judas helps us understand about him. And that's what we're going to see in just a moment. When you take the Judases Mark remarks in the book in the scriptures, he says this in Mark, he says, why was the fragrant oil wasted for it may have been sold for more than 300 denari and given to the poor. And what are we going to do is look at the scriptures. We're going to listen to what scripture says that Judas himself set and mirror that to Prince Hassan Bin Talal and see how they both coincide with it and whether see how they both parallel. One another. It's really astounding when you see that bucket again, because again, remember description. Tell what the Lord is teaching us here is learn from Judas.

You learn about the Antichrist. Learn about the first one of addition. And you learned about the second center petition. So let's check this out. Mark 14, verse five. Why was this fragrant oil wasted for it might've been given or it might've been sold for more than 300 denari and give it to the poor. Why was this fragrant oil not sold for $300 and give it to the poor? So we see that Judas is here is advocating for, we should have sold this money, give this money. We can give this to the poor. We should have sold this, got the money. So would he give it to the poor? So you see how he's advocating for the ports. He's he's, he's, um, advocating for the interest of the poor. Now at the same time, let's see where Prince Hassan Bin Talal said.

Because of the human faces, because children all over the world, they're not going to realize that potentially the boys and girls, unless they have transformed making it beyond the age of five, uh, millions of children are dying as a result of cholera typhoid, all sorts of diseases that directly linked to. Um,

So you see how he's advocating for the children and speak up for the children. They don't have a chance. We need to make sure we help the children. Just like how Prince Judas was saying, we need to sell this for the poor and do this for the poor. So you see that, that, that humanitarianism coming out and compassion for the poor, the children, the disenfranchised, you see the parallels. They open let's look at another instance where Judas was speaking. So now in John 13, we see it as Jesus answered and said, it is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread when he have dipped it and having dip the bread, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. Now, after the piece of bread, Satan entered him that Satan, you only enter two people in human history of Judas and the antichrist. And then Jesus says to him what you do do quickly, but no one at the table knew what reason he said this to him for some thought, because Judas had the money box that Jesus had said to him, by those things we need for the fees or that he should give something to the poor, unless he were Prince Hassan Bin Talal, says as a parallels desk,

I think that, uh, we will know there is progress when, uh, the, who says $500 billion over the next decade for water and sanitation, as compared with trillions spelt spent on the military industrial complex success would be to address in human terms. The reality that no water table is going to be unpolluted by 2030, if by 2015, we have at least taken a grip on a human knowledge base, an economic knowledge base and a physical knowledge base of where executives people are, what they need to be enabled and how much money is required. Then maybe we can feel that we have arrived at a template.

So you see he's talking about that money. We can invest in, know where they are. We can see what they need. We can make sure that their lives are approved. We get with the $530 billion from who we could just make so many improvements to the world. And you can see here with what he's saying, this flattery that is projecting himself as to be the savior of the world and be this person that's going to save the world from the world's problems and the disenfranchise. Those who are poor and needy at the same time, the disciples were so tricked by Judas as flattery, because with Judas is flattering. When Jesus said to him, do do what you would do do quickly. The disciples were so bought. The disciples were so sold on this flattery that they thought, Oh, he's going to buy stuff for the feast.

I know he's going to want to help the poor. They had no clue that he was the snake and the one that Satan would possess to go portray Jesus with 30 pieces of silver, that he was, he had sold his flattery to disciples so much, even though Jesus said, when are you going to portray me? One of you are a devil. He, the disciples was with Judas, the disciples heard Judas the disciples, ate with Judas. He was visible one, some clandestine hidden figure that no one's seen before. I just came out of nowhere. It was the son of perdition, which most people think the answer Christ's going to do is just pop up out of nowhere. No, God is showing us what the first son of perdition. It will be in like the second set of perdition. But at the same time, you could see how he was deceiving the disciples. Likewise, we could see how it Prince Hassan Bin Talal is deceiving, the world, projecting this heart and protect, protecting this image of humanitarianism, advocating that if you give him money, I don't know what to do with it. Just like Judas said, you don't get to give me the money. I don't know what to do with it, but really we know exactly how his heart was. He was selfish and he wanted to keep it for himself. Well, now, folks, you see how Prince Hassan Bin Talal and his flattery

Mirrors that of Jewish.

You see how his flattery is, can easily be used to deceive the world because the things sails so smooth as scripture tells us the translation is finespromises. And I hope that you have a greater understanding and you see more clearly than you did before and understanding more about the book of revelation and the one who the scriptures while I believe is pointing to the one who will be the future and it's our Friday. So I'll be fun. This video help increase your knowledge, understanding and clarity with respect to the book of revelation and signs, leading to Jesus. I could come and where you can even share this with others, then have some more things for you that I believe will be able to help you and your growth, visit my website and subscribe that way you can stay informed that updated or news events and prophecies happening right before your eyes, and also get new revelations about, you know, the book of revelation.

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