Vol. 5-Part 1: The Flattery Of The Antichrist: "Human Dignity"

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

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One end of days clue the Bible gives about who the Antichrist will be, is that he will deceive the world with "flattery". That translates to "fine promises." Now we believe the scripture is pointing to Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan as the man of sin who will be the Antichrist in the future. So watch in his own words how his flattery, human dignity, is already positioning him as the "prince of peace."

In addition when you listen to how he has caused conversations with the media and other people were interviewing him you will find how he's always coming across as one who has the genuine concern and interest for the well-being of the world.

And in doing so, since the time he's been crowned as crown prince, he's been known throughout the world to be a humanitarian person who is a leader within the Islamic world, a scholar, who's has a genuine interest in solving the world's water and environmental crisis, and he's been given honors, he's been giving awards, he's been given popularity he's been given access at the highest levels of government, he's been given access to the highest level with monarchies in the world. There is almost no one on the planet as revered as he is with his background, honors, his interest and his association with the others following his initiated and ambition.

So after watching the series and I believe there's gonna be a four-part series with this particular topic "the flattery of the antichrist you come to see and understand how just how easy it will be to deceive the world into following him, using "fine promises," the translation of flattery from the Bible. How easy will it be for them to follow him because he has words that are easy to believe, as one who has the kindhearted, sincere interest of solving world problems as in the case, with Jesus where Prince Hassan will be a counterfeit version of Jesus Christ.

However as the story plays out from what we read in the book Revelation and the accounts in the Old Testament we will see how he will totally flip the script when satan enter his heart. He will be on a warpath. He will be a person bent on destroying the world. Changing the world to worship one person and that is Pope Francis, with the power of Satan himself behind him.

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