The Timing of the Book of Revelation

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Now check out this revelation. Now the book of revelation has 22 chapters and in the 20th two chapters to discuss events that Christians should be aware of that points to Jesus second coming, and a bunch of events that happens on the earth. And some of those events includes their pre-trip doctrine or the rapture that happens in chapter four. It also discusses the tribulation. It talks about the first six seal, the seventh seal, the four first of the fourth trumpet, 50 to six trumpet, the seventh trumpet. It talks about the bowl, but what about, I'm going to show you something so revealing something so different per the teaching of the Holy spirit, that it changes your whole mindset and perspective about the timing of the event of the book of revelation. Stay tuned. You don't want to miss it.


Hey, I'm West Watchman Brooks, and welcome to the revelation of Christian and I help Christians understand the book of revelation and detail and specific signs happening. As we speak with seeing we see what our own eyes leading to Jesus' second coming. And here's my proof to know that the Holy spirit is here at teaching us all as we're all students of the Holy spirit. Here's my proof of prophecy. On June 27th, I sat per the teaching of the Holy spirit. I posted on YouTube. Watch for Prince Hassan Bin Talal Jordan to meet Pope Francis. As I discern, this is the one who will be the future anti-Christ and the one will be the future promise prophet. I said, watch me than me because before they go do their prophesies catastrophe, they have to meet at some point. So per the teaching role, the spirit posted on YouTube watch for these two to meet and June, September 4th, uh, three months later, they met just as the Holy spirit taught what I said posted happen.

What the Lord, Holy spirit taught that I prophesied for you happen so that we all can know that we are in that age. We are in that time and we can trust the Holy Spirit's teaching as we're all learning. We're all students of him. So if you could take confidence in what the Lord Holy spirit is showing us all today. So if you don't take anything else from this video, watch these two, because all the events is going to center around them Prince on bin Talal Jordan and Pope Francis. So let's watch them as we need to, but you can visit my website and find more information on the revelation,, subscribe to the website, a subscribed to it and lose that. And you can get updated info through that. And if you want to support what I do, you can find the description below. I have an apparel line that I have book revelation, theme, apparel, and products, and Jesus has coming theme and products. So definitely would like if that, if you want to support what I do, go to the description below, visit the store. I definitely appreciate that. Thank you so much. So let's hear what the Holy spirit has to teach us today.

Now, the book of revelation is the last book of the Bible it's given to the apostle John or the disciple. John, not John. The Baptist is one of the 12 disciples, John, who was dead. And he was out to an Island called Patmos in which he's been given by God, these series visions that will lay out events that will happen on earth from the point of view of earth in front of point of view of having that set in motion events, leading to Jesus' second coming, which will result in the rapture and the in re result with him ruling earth. So that's what the book of revelation is about. However, you'll find that tradition will teach that there's a certain moment in the book of revelation that will dictate the rasher, which is by the doctrine is called the pre tribulation rapture. Now, the book of revelation has these series of chapters in chapters, one through chapter 22 that lays out these events.

And that's a moment the rasher happens. But what I'm going to show you here based on scripture is an, is a revelation to understand the timing within the book of revelation that we can see with our own eyes. So you can understand fully what the Lord wants us to know as the plot, as it applies to the event that we need to watch for. So let's be begin. Okay. So in the book of revelation, as I said before, has 22 chapters. And in it, we have the pre-trip doctrine that suggests that the rational, what happened here at chapter four, because John, the disciple is told to come up here. When he hears come up here, that is interpreted to be the time in which the rapture happened. Since John is told to come up here and go to heaven, and he sees the future institutional doctrine teaches the pre-trip rapture happens at this moment, which will then take Christians out of the earth, where they will be absent from experiencing all the events subsequent to chapter four.

Now we have the tribulation otherwise known as the great tribulation that covers chapter five through 11. And that's really laid out in the first of the six seal, which is in chapter six, the seven seal in chapter eight, that's changes to the trumpets. So the first through the fourth trumpets and chapter eight, then it goes to the fifth through the sixth trumpet and chapter nine, and then the seventh trumpet and chapter 11. And then we have the wrath of God, which is talking about the first through the seventh bowls, the wrath of God. So this is just a series of events that happen on earth as it relates to the seals, the trumpets and the bowls. And it's suggested by the pre-trip doctrine that the rapture happens here in chapter four only because John is told to come up here. That is an interpretation that, that means the church will also wrap her up at chapter four.

Even though we see clearly that chapter alone is just John being told to come up here by himself in that mentioning about the body of Christ or the church, or all Christians in the world, hearing that and going up with them. This is just the single moment in chapter four with John who's the author of this book, here's the boys from having to come up here. And that is an interpretation that the pre-trip rapture doctrine is built on, which is the church will be raptured missing all of these different events that you have here. But I'm going to submit to you right now, evidence based on the scriptures that we can understand to know and blow out to order this pre-trib doctrine, because it is not sound, their interpretation of it is not sound. And you're going to see with your own eyes, why that is the case with your own eyes.

You're going to see why that is. And based on the teaching of the scripture and the understanding of Holy spirit would give us, you will see, we need to approach revelation with the new wine, new wine skin mindset, because the Holy spirit is teaching us all something new, and don't be so defensive about this because it's the same thing Jesus did in his time. When Jesus came and walked the earth, he brought more clarity. The prophecy that the people of Israel and his followers did not understand until he clarified it. So as the disciples and the people of Israel knew of the prophecy about the Messiah, and it was so confused and vague, and they had different interpretations left. And right when Jesus came on the scene, it brought more clarity to it. And things were corrected. Prophecy was more understood because he clarified it because he fulfilled it.

Likewise with the Holy spirit, the closer we get to the events of the book of revelation, the more the Holy spirit will bring clarity to prophesy that when we have a better understanding there, by having a better preparation for Jesus' arrival, that's the whole point as prophecy and scripture tells us that our prophecies to NFI comfort in story. That's what the point is not to confuse, but to Edify comfort and exhort. So let's take a look at this, cause I think you're gonna really enjoy this. So now let's take a look at chapter Matthew chapter two chapter Matthew. Let's take a look at chapter. Matt did it again. Let's take a look at Matthew chapter two. Couldn't get that out anyway. So what we're going to do is we're going to see the early time of Jesus when he was a baby. And they're going to see that there was several prophecies mentioned within that passage when he was born.

And then we want to analyze what the Holy spirit is trying to teach us about prophecy. So, and then we want to apply that lesson to the book of revelation. So let's take a look at this Matthew chapter two, try saying that three times. Now, this is where we see Jesus is born. He says Matthew chapter twos. And when Herod the King heard this, he was troubled in Jerusalem with him. And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes, the people together, inquired of them where the Christ was to be born. So they said to him in Bethlehem of Judea for it does, it is written by the prophets. Now this is a prophecy from Macau chapter five, verse two. And he says, but you Bethlehem in the land of Judah are not the least among the rulers of Judah for out of you shall come a ruler who will shepherd my people, Israel.

So this is from a Kiah chapter two. And that same chapter. We have Matthew chapter two here, this now we're at verse 13. So we see now when they had the part in the whole angel, the Lord appeared to Joseph James saying rising young child and his mother flee to Egypt. And it stayed there until they bring your word here. Uh, for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him. And when he Rose, he took the young child and his mother and by night and departed for Egypt and was there until the death of Herod that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken about through the Lord, through the prophet saying, and this is from Hosea chapter 11 one. He says out of Egypt, I called my son. So now we have a second prophecy within the same chapter. We have a Kiah. We now we have Hosea speaking about another prophecy pertaining to the Christ in chapter, interested in same chapter two and look chapters in another third prophecy.

And in Matthew chapter two, he says, when Herod saw that he was deceived by the wise men, he exceedingly was angry and he sent forth and put the death, all the male children who were born in the Bethlehem and all the districts from two years old, two years old, and under, according to the time which they had determined from the wise men, then he was fulfilled. That was spoken by Jeremiah, the prophet saying, and this is quoted from Jeremiah 31 15, but a voice was heard in Ramah limitations. We've been great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted because they are no more. So in summary we see in Matthew chapter two, there are three prophecies being mentioned that all pertains to Christ as he has. He's born within the timeframe of when he was a baby one from a Kiah that's when we see he was, uh, he was, he would be born in Bethlehem to was from Hosea was, and that's where he would go be called back from.

He would go to Egypt for sanctuary and then be called from Egypt. And then we have three where the children will be massacred because they're trying to kill the Christ baby Christ. So we see, we see Micah Hosea and we see Jeremiah three prophecies about the Christ at that short little window of time when Jesus was a baby, but did you catch the lesson? The Holy spirit just taught us in that chapter, watch this. Okay. So we have the privacy that Jeremiah said his was first. He had the first prophecy about baby Christ and that prophecy was fulfilled last in that chapter, in that sequence of events, John Jeremiah spoke first, but his prophecy was fulfilled less. Then we had the second prophecy, the mid prophecy in that chapter, Hosea 11 chapter one, which was filled and fulfilled in the middle here in verse 13, where his flight was to Egypt, Christ's flight was to Egypt.

Then we have the last prophecy spoken. McCaya five, two, and his last prophecy within that sequence of events happened first. He was born in Bethlehem. So what we see here is that what was spoken first happened last, what was spoken in the middle or the second happened second, but what was spoken last happened first? So what we're seeing here is that the sequence in which the prophecy was spoken happened opposite in the way in which they were filled. What happened first was fulfilled. Last, what happened? What was spoken last what's fulfilled first. So what does this tell you, as it relates to the chronological order of the book of revelation, we cannot go by the chronological numerical order of the book of revelation to understand prophecy because the Holy spirit has just showed us that when it comes to prophecy, what he said first as relates to chapter one, two, three, or four can happen less as relates to four, three, two, one.

So we see that the way in which we read earthly terms, the book of revelation with chronological numerical order of the chapter is not how God operates. God will operate based on what we just saw with who spoke first, who spoke second, who spoke third, the events in which they were unfold will be backwards. What was spoken first will happen last? What was spoken? Second? What happened? Second? What was spoken last? What happened first? So we cannot approach the book of revelation and read it just only mere, but by only reading the chapters and determining that the events in which they will unfold in that book is laid out by the, the chapter numbers. In that book, we cannot approach the book revelation two, to understand the sequence of events only filtering it through by the sequence of chapters. That's the chronological order. The, the chapter, the book of revelation has laid out because the whole street just taught us that so far.

I want to make sure I'm not losing you. If I am put your questions in the comments below so I can answer them. And also, if you do find it's various Downey, let me know your thoughts. I love to read about what you think about this in the comments below. So the question is, how are we supposed to understand it? Well, it's simple. We're supposed to understand it the way he just showed us how we're supposed to understand it. So whatever was spoken, doesn't matter who or the order in which it was spoken what's supposed to matter is how do you advance unfolded when they were fulfilled? That's what we're supposed to be paying attention to. And that's what the Holy spirit wants us to do. Watch. He wants us to watch when the events on the fold and when they come to fruition and when they are fulfilled, not in the order in which it was given, because once we do that, once we go into that order, can you imagine if we were in the time in which this happened, and we were like, Jeremiah's happens first and I'm Hosea habit second, and MCI happens.

It has to go in that order. And then when the Christ has a baby, baby, Jesus comes into the scene and he does not fulfill a prophecy in that order. We will not know that can't be the Christ because he didn't do what Jeremiah said. He didn't do what Hosea said he needed to do it with. But can I say, just in the order of what's supposed to be given him? No, no, no, no, no. Because Jeremiah spoke first. So that have happened first, then Jose for a second and MCI happened less. So that has to happen last. But with the Holy spirit showed us is like, no, the way the order in which he was given happened in a total opposite sequence, what was that? First happened last, what was happening last happened first. And that's what the Holy spirit wants us to do is to learn why, what is fulfilled and understand the Lord by that means.

But watch it. I'm going to show you watch this. So how can we apply this to the book of revelation today? Well, if you watch my previous videos, you'll see how revelation chapter 17 verse 10 was fulfilled on February, 2013. There's a first that discusses the chapter that discuss in SEPTA 17, about a harlot on a seven headed beast. And 700 BC is also interpreted as the angel says to be seven Kings. And it says of the seventh, he will be there for a short time, which points to a point which points to Pope Benedict, Pope Benedict was the seventh King or the seventh head who will be there for a short time because remember pubs go to that position to die. But he advocated. He stepped down, which fulfilled this burst here on February, 2013, he was the one who would be there for a short time.

Then it says in the next verse, how this prophecy was fulfilled, the beast, who's the false prophet, the beast of the sea. That wasn't his, not as himself, also the eighth. And he is of the seventh. We'll go into perdition. This was built in the following month in March, 2013. So this verse points to Pope Francis Pope Francis is the beast, the false prophet or the beast of the sea, who is of the eighth he's of the seven Kings, but he's the eighth. And he is the one that will be the future false prophet. So he fulfilled this in verse 11, Pope Benedict fulfilled first 10, he fulfilled verse 11. Now, what am I saying with that? Well, as we talked about, the pre-trip suggesting that the pre-trip happens in chapter four. Tribulation happens here, the seals, the trumpets, then we had the last trumpet and the wrath of God that happens chapter 16.

But look at this Pope Francis fulfills chapter 17, verse 11, how is this? So if this is accurate, if this is accurate, where the rapture should happen and chapter four, why in the world are we seeing Pope Francis filled chapter 17? If we're all supposed to be out of here, we're not supposed to be seeing any of this, especially something in chapter 17, if we're following the chronological order of the chapters in the book of revelation, right? We're not supposed to see Pope Francis field chapter 17 or Pope Benedict because we were supposed to be out of here. Well, let me offer this correction. What we're seeing folks is that Pope friends as Pope fulfills chapter 17, verse 11, yet, we're still here and haven't seen any of this stuff happening yet. The first seal hasn't happened, neither did trumpets. None of this stuff has happened yet.

And the rapture definitely didn't happen cause we're still here. But how was it that we can see Pope Francis in chapter 17? And now let's because the Holy spirit has shown us that this happens first. This is where we are. He's showing us chapter 17 is happening right now. This is where we are. So even though we haven't seen the seals or the trumpets or the bowls or anything for that matter, we do see happening right now, as we speak Pope Francis field chapter 17, this is what we see. So if we're seeing chapter 17 happened now as the Holy spirit is showing us that we need to accept the truth, that the pre-trip is incorrect because of the pre-trip is chapter four. If the preacher happens and trapped to four, we should not be seeing this, but we are seeing this, which means this is wrong.

And which means the Holy spirit is right. And we are seeing chapter 17 fulfilled right before our eyes, which seems to suggest that these other events are slowly around the corner. And that's what I want to bring to your realization. That's the revelation I want you to see is that we are seeing revelation 17 happened as we speak. If you fixate your mind on our earthly concept of sequence of chap chapters, one, two, three, four, five, six, and so on, and you, you ignore the lesson, the Holy spirit is showing you based off scripture. Then you're totally going to miss this. And you'll be totally shocked and totally blindsided when these events unfold. And you have no idea that they're happening right before your eyes. But if you're watching what the Holy spirit was showing us as we speak, then you can see that 17 chapter 17, specifically verse 10 and 11 is happening as we speak, or had happened in Pope Francis as fulfilled that verse, moving that chapter way ahead of schedule than what we thought we were watching. Thereby understanding chapter 17 was happening as we speak, which seems to suggest the other events will soon be set in motion very, very soon. And that's the revelation I wanted to show you guys. So thank you for watching. I hope this edifies you hope Jesus increase as ID crease to be able to serve you. Thank you again for watching and don't lose hope folks, because remember Jesus is coming.

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