Vol. 5-Part 3: Flattery of the Antichrist: "Regional Corporation"

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Now the scriptures talks about how the answer crisis is going to see you using flattery. But what does that mean? Well, you're going to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, the flattery of Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan. The one who I believe scripture is pointing to as the one who will be the future anti-Christ

If you want to learn about prophecy as it's happening right before our eyes and updates on information, but in topics of the book of revelation and signs leading to jesus' second coming, definitely subscribe to this channel of the revelation, Christian. It hit the notification bell. So whenever I produce a new video, you'll be notified of it. And West Watchman Brooks and welcome to the revelation, Christian. And this is where I help Christians understand the topics of the book of revelation and specific and detailed science happening right before our eyes in today's time, pointing to Jesus second coming. And if I can't even do that, I just want to encourage more Christians to read the book of revelation. If they agree or disagree with me, because God gave us the book of revelation for a reason, but it's the most ignored book of the Bible and seeing this condition, the body of Christ, Christians to not read it either because they might be scared or they don't understand or churches and pastors don't even talk about it.

So it's my mission and it's my passion to help Christians and drive more Christians to read the book of revelations, because it's the revelation of Jesus Christ. Now I have a passion and call and do this for so many years that I even created a website that if you want more information, what do you want to reach out to me? And you want to deep dive on the topics outside of YouTube, visit my website and subscribe to the revelation. christian.com. You'll find a lot more information there. And a lot of other members there who are also watching the signs that the book of revelation talks about, and I was even blessed enough to be able to be flown out of state, to give live presentations on these topics. Because what I'm saying is starting to resonate with the body of Christ with a lot of Christians.

So I hope that you see that this is the place where God is calling people to pay attention to. And in addition to that, what the Lord, Holy spirit taught me that I taught you on YouTube prophecy to watch out for proven where the in times later came to pass three months later. So what I said to watch for, I posted on YouTube June 27, 2014, and three months later, it came to pass just as the Holy spirit said. And if you believe scripture, like I think you believe scripture. The scripture says this as for the prophet who prophesies a piece. One of the word of the prophet comes to pass. The prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has sent, as you can see, but the Holy spirit taught that he's showing us all I said to you and it came to pass. So this is the message that the Lord is sending for us all.

Anti-Christ flattery series. And if you haven't seen part one and two, definitely go watch part one and two. That way you have a foundation that you're building upon before you watch this part here. And in order to be able to understand this part here, I want you to first go back to the first and second, to be able to know where we were and where we are and where we're going to understand the full picture, the larger picture of what we're talking about in this antichrist flattery series, the flattery of the antichrist series. So we're going to continue to part three. And I hope that you really found this astounding, and it really started to click here because now we're deep diving into Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan and parallel and correlating that to scripture and seeing how they both fit his ambition. And what scripture says to answer Christ will do and what God says about the last days and his ambition for the region of the world that God says to pay attention to.

So let's get started cause I'm really excited. So now we're going to continue where we left the stuff on part three of series and learning more about Prince Hassan Bin Talal ofJordan, the humanitarian Prince who wants water, peace and interface dialogue for the world. He wants to bring priests to a regional conflict that he lives in, in the middle East. He wants to bring water to those who lack water in order to give and improve their living circumstances and their living conditions. Anyone to bring interfaith dialogue to the most popular three faiths in the world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. So this is his ambition. These are his goals, but we're going to go again, go back to his website and look at his four pillars. His four ambitions, his four passions, human dignity in the world, water energy in the human environment. We are recovered in part two and part three regional cooperation.

So now we're going to look at part three of regional cooperation. And what does that mean? Regional cooperation to Prince Hassan on is to create a new union with middle East countries in North Africa, create a new union with middle East countries in North Africa. So what we're going to do first is start with scripture. What we're going to do is later the foundation on God's word and from God's word, we're going to build upon that. And we're going to then see what's God's word says, as it relates to the antichrist and what he will do and his ambitions, and we're going to see that prophecy. And then we're going to look at Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan listened to what he has to say and his ambitions. And then you're going to see what, what he said and what Scott says and see how they just fit like a glove.

And it makes so much sense to see that this is a man that God is pointing to as the one who will be the future antichrist is. And I want to make this clear because a lot of people don't understand us. Princess Hassan. The antichrist in the Bible is known as a title, many titles. One of them is called a son of perdition. There's only one on the person in the Bible who has the same title, son of perdition. And then as Judas Judas was called son of perdition. And these were only two people, the anti-Christ and Judas who Satan possessed, Satan possess Judas. Satan will possess the answer Christ. That's why they both have the title son of perdition. So what God is teaching us with Judas is that, which is, so this is the biggest misconception in eschatology and Christian in time studies. And a lot of scholars can't seem to grasp is that there's no way in the world is impossible.

There will be no way anyone will know who the antichrist is until God reveals no way going to happen. But what they fail to realize, in example, that God already gave us is what that the revealing or revealing the antichrist does that mean he's not ever going to be known. It means full public disclosure. Because again, if you look at the word revealing in the way God is using it, take the book of revelation. It's called the revealing of Jesus Christ, the revelation of Jesus Christ. So if we don't know who Jesus is based on scholars' interpretation of revealing, nobody knows who Jesus is because he won't be revealed until the book revelation, right? Because there's the revelation of Jesus Christ. If no one knows what revealing is, but we do know, we know where Jesus is from. You know what Jesus has said.

We know his his lineage, his ancestry. We know the towns from, we know so much about Jesus Christ, but there will be a revealing public exposure of them. Now looking at the antiChrist Thessalonians, Paul tells us where he will be revealed at a later time. But to say that he's not going to be known until then, it's false. Because Judas was also the first son of perdition. The disciples knew who he was, but the disciples heard him. Disciples talked to him. He was a public figure. Everyone saw him, but he wasn't revealed until until satan entered him. So I'll just want to make that clear. First, you can know who the antichrist will be, but his public exposure, his public, uh, revelation, his public, um, appearance will be at a later time. But God has given us the mystery to understand God has given us the insight to understand who he will be because they know who he was with Judas.

In fact, Jesus, Jesus was saying, one of yours, not mine. When he was the devil, one of you are going to betray me. And then in the last supper, Jesus is like, Oh, there, there was like saying, who's going to portray you Lord, who has it? And she's like, okay, I'm going to dip this bread in the cup and give it to the guy who wanna portray me Judas. And they still was like, who is? Who can it be? So understand? The Lord is definitely willing to show us who the antichrist will be, but that's different from his public appearance to the world, the revelation of the antichrist or the revelation of Jesus Christ. I hope you guys get it. So let's jump back into Daniel chapter two and see the foundation that God is going to explain to us. All right, let's get it.

So Daniel chapter two, you'll see that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had at a dream. No one can interpret the dream except one of the Hebrews brought from Israel during the captivity, Daniel, Daniel was able to go to King number can answer and explain to him the dream that he saw King never can. As a, had a dream of a statue of a man whose head was gold, silver chest and arms, waist of bronze legs of iron and feet of iron and clay. And these represented kingdoms in which then a stone cut from heaven without hands human hands stone comes from heaven crashes into the statue at its feet, the stone didn't cut it. The hand, the stones didn't crash the head or the arms and chest or the waist or the legs they crash into their feet destroyed the whole thing. And this small stone stood up to be a mountain that stood up for the world.

And this is jesus' return where he makes his empire, his kingdom. The last is forever. So we're going to break this down. What does this story? This vision mean? Well, Daniel interprets this statue that King never can, as a, has the gold represents the Babylonian empire. The goal representing the Babylonian empire was conquered by the Persians represented by the silver chest and arms, which was the P the Medes and Persians empire, the conquer, the Babylonian empire. Then the bronze, which came into the picture represented the, um, the Greek empire led by Alexander. The great who conquered the Persians Alexander the great empire after he died, became four kingdom. That later became two Keenans and later became one. The kingdom that is known as the Roman empire, the Roman empire is the moment in which Jesus into the picture. So Jesus came into not in the Babylonian empire.

The Messiah didn't come into the Medes and Persians empire. He didn't come into the Greek empire. He came into the Roman empire here. Now, when Jesus came into the Roman empire or as he was crucified by the Romans we see later on, we see that the Roman empire then split into the Eastern and Western Roman empire. Whereas we have the prophecy here, the legs, the legs representing the East and West Roman empire, that maid of honor. Then we see from there, the legs turn into two feet, which is our modern time. What we call Europe in the middle East. So we see with Europe and the middle East representing the two feet representing two feet. So just as the empire split or the legs split, we see going down further in time, the feet we're here, this is where we are two feet folks. So Jesus is going to return here.

There is no kingdoms after this guys. So we lived in the Babylonian empire. We would say upload in time is in here because we're not defeat. If we hit lived here, we know that in time is here because we're not the feet. We are here at the feet because this is where the stone comes. This whole story ends at the feet. There is nothing else after this. So I definitely want you to understand we are not moving past this empire, this, this moment of time guys. So just understand that Europe and the middle East is the combination of the feet and the bottom, a feet of the statue in Daniel's prophecy. This is it. This is it guys. Now Daniel says this in Daniel chapter two, whereas you saw the feet and toes partially of Potter's clay and a partially of iron, the kingdom shall be divided emphasis.

And one divided, two kingdoms. You have the strength of the orange shall be in it just as you saw, I'm a mixture of ceramic clay and the toes of the feet were partially of iron and parcel of clay. So the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. So one kingdom is dependent on another, but this is still one kingdom split into two, but one is weak. One is strong. So as you can see what the scripture is pointing to us here in teaching us, is that at the end, there's two kingdoms in that region of the world, Europe in the middle East, that it won't be known as Europe and the middle East. Yeah, there'll be like two kingdoms come into one, but one kingdom both will be stronger where one kingdom will be weaker. One kingdom is weak in sense of what his resources are.

And another kingdom will be strong. Be based on the resources it has. Nonetheless, these two will become one. And as their King doms, there'll be one ruler for one region of that kingdom, there'll be another ruler for the another region. And that kingdom, this is where we see the emphasis and explanation of the false prophet and the antichrist. We see the two false prophet answer Christ just as we see the two feet in Daniel statute, statute justice. We see the two here in kingdom, a strong, a kingdom that's weak and a kingdom in a strong. And just to see this too, again, a kingdom mix of ceramic clay and a kingdom that is made of iron. So you see this two, two, two, two, two, two, two, over and over and over again, paralleling what we're seeing with what we're discussing, what we're discussing in today's time right now, or what we're talking about in this video right now. So that one to understand what Jesus went answers. Do you understand what the three, two, one now says, we understand what the Holy spirit is teaching us? What has showed us with Daniel vision and the two feet and the ceramic clay and the iron and the kingdom net strong. And it can last week and the anti-Christ and the fast profit. These two, let's see what princess on Benton law has to say about his ambition. With regards to regional cooperation.

I believe that an intra independent relationship should develop between human resource, rich countries and, uh, oil results of these countries.

So folks, as you can see what princess on bins law is saying right here, he believes in the intra independent relationship between human rich countries. That's, you're an oil rich countries, that's the middle East. So this is what he's focusing on. Folks in his own words, he feels and believes that success for his goals relies on human resource, rich countries, Europe oil resource, rich countries, the middle East oil resource rich countries can provide the funding and collateral in compensation through the oil to get the infrastructure in things that it needs, that it can't produce itself. Whereas the human oil human resource, which countries lack the oil and can use that type of commodity oil to be able to pay for all the things that the middle East needs. So it's a, win-win the human resource, which countries can get the oil while the oil resources cause country could give the human resources.

So Prince Hassan Bin Talal saying that he believes that there should be a intra independent, a two nation system. That acts as one, which again, parallels to what Daniel's just taught us in the scriptures in Daniel, two of the feet mixed with iron and clay though, they'll be as one they're mixed as iron and clay. So they have a codependency or intra independent. They won't, they won't, they're still two kingdoms because the scripture says they're divided, but they're mixed with one. One is weak. One is strong, but they work together as two kingdoms. And this is where Jesus will return when these two become one. So I hope you've seen what princess salt hits himself is saying in terms of the region. So let's continue. So tell me what you think is this opening your mind. You're starting to see clarity, what the Holy Spirit is teaching us.

If so, leave me your comments below. I'd love to hear what you have to say or just telling me Jesus is coming. Cause you excited that we are getting closer to his return. So when we look at a map again, and we see what scripture says, we correlate Daniel's prophecy to a Prince Hassan Bin Talal saying, he's talking about Europe and he's talking about the middle East. He's talking about how these two, the, the feet mixed with iron and clay and Europe being the human resource, rich countries and the middle East being the oil rich countries, that these two should be an independent relationship, or these should be regions that work together. That become one. So this is what the scripture is telling us. Notice that we're not moving anywhere outside where the Holy spirit has told us. Well, the Holy spirit taught us the start from Babylon.

And it grew into this region of the world. It didn't go all the way over to Asia or America or Africa is right here. This is, this is exactly the era in which the Holy spirit is paying his folks. It's telling us to drive our focus to this region of the world and princess I've been to LA once and believes that success in his goals and ambition. It depends on the human rich resource countries and oil rich resource countries coming together as one, which fulfills Daniel's prophecy of the feet at the end time mixed with iron and clay, iron being your clay, being the middle East. Now that you see what the Holy spirit is showing you, how do you recommend you visit my website and subscribe number one so that you can get updates on news alerts or new videos and new content and new blogs that I post that you may be interested in as relates to topics on the book of revelation in jesus' second coming the two so that you could download my prompts, that guide that I made for you.

So if you're new to this, or you're not new to this, and you understand a lot of it is privacy guy can help you in terms of understanding where we were and where we are. Daniel's prophecy and all the prostitutes fulfilled after him. And the most reason prophecy the, of our time that we saw happening right before us. So I'll give you a nice chronological order of prophecies that happen, then that's happening now. As we speak, I'm a three L also show you the prophecy that watch for that's going to happen next. So when that prophecy happens, you'll have documentation and you have a reference guide to show you, wow, the revelation Christian said, this is what happened. And it happened. This must be the message the Lord is sending for us. So these, these, this is true. These, this is true. So I want you to get that prostate guide so way you'll be well-informed, you'll be ahead of everyone else.

And you could be a witness, showing, what God is showing us all for other Christians and maybe even passes or your church like, wow, this is it. We need a reteaching on all of this, because stuff is becoming more clear because the Holy spirit is showing and teachers in us as we speak. And if you want to support Christian content creators like myself, I definitely would appreciate it. If you visited my store and check out my apparel, the descriptions in the link would be in below, or the link will be below in the description and you visit my store and you'll find the parallels there that you may be interested in. And it's all centered around the theme of the book of revelation. So that way Christians can be aware of Jesus coming. If they need that hope, or you can be part of God's plan, getting his message out to the world that Jesus is coming and encourage other Christians to read the book of revelation and inspire them to read the book revelation and be part of God's plan, sharing his message to the world that Jesus is coming. But thank you all for watching again, don't forget to like, and subscribe and share this. The one Christian one Christian who can benefit from this so it could wake them up. And so that we can also be part of God's plan sharing his message of hope to the world that Jesus is.


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