Who Could Be The Antichrist? These Clues Point To Him

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Well, the scriptures talks about how the antichrist is going to see with flattery, but a lot of people didn't even know what that means. So in this video, you're going to see with your own eyes and hear with your own here it's Prince Hassan Bin Talal Jordan. The one who I believe the scripture is pointing to as the one who will be the future. anti-Christ

For the best up-to-date information as an it's happening right before our eyes. In our modern time information, on a prophecy books of revelation topics in science, leading to Jesus, I could come and definitely subscribe to this channel to revelation Christian, so that you can also be notified when you hit that notification bell. So definitely make sure you do that. Hey, I'm West Martin Brooks. So welcome to the revelation of Christian. I help Christians understand the topics of the book of revelation and specific and detailed signs pointing to Jesus second coming. And if I can't even do that is just my hope drive ambition to drive more Christians today, to read the book of revelation, because a lot of Christians in today's time, don't read it. Satan has conditioned the body of Christ to stay away from it due to either they're confused about it, or they may be fearful of it, or just the way the church institution and passages of the day don't even bring it up in church.

So it's a non topic, but God gave us that book for a reason. You didn't just give us the scriptures to read from Genesis to Jude and like, you know, the book of revelation, you know, don't worry about it only when, if you feel like it. No, it's the revelation of Jesus Christ, the revealing, the true, uh, uh, the true nature character of him. It's all about him. So if he's our Lord and savior, and you need to know about more about Jesus than baby in the manger. Now I've been doing this for so long that I've even created a website for you for a place to go outside of YouTube. So if you want blogs and news updates and alerts, definitely go to the revelation, christian.com and you'll find a lot more information as it pertains to topics of the book, revelation, news, updates, new videos, and alerts.

And if you want to reach me or other members of the revelation Christian community, you could find a lot more information there. And I've been so blessed doing this for so long that I've even given out-of-state live presentations to help Christians see and learn what the Holy spirit is, teaching us all. So it's been used by us than to go out of state and give these live presentations people in person. And so that's another thing I've been doing with this body of work. And in addition, the Holy spirit has even confirmed the prophecy of asset, the watch for it. So as the Holy spirit taught me to teach you prophesy the watch for what I said to watch for later kingdom pass three months later, proving what the Holy spirit is teaching and showing us all here is credible is legit. And what did the scripture say about stuff like this?

So if you're a Bible believing Christian and the scripture says this as the prophet who prophesies a peace, when the word of the prophet comes to pass, the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent. So as you can see what I said, that the Holy spirit taught came to pass. So you can know that this message is for us all. And it's a message that the Lord has truly sent. All right. So let's see what the Holy spirit has to teach us today. Okay. So we're going to continue our series, the flattery of the antichrist. Again, if you haven't seen the, for the previous episodes part one, two, and three, definitely make sure you watch those previous episodes because you want to be able to understand where we were before we get to where we are and then where we're going.

So it's very important. You watch those to build a foundation upon what we're learning about Prince Hassan Bin Talal the one who I believe descriptions pointing to be the future antichrist, because again, Prince Hassan Bin Talal is such an intricate individual that you can't just throw at him. He's this evil cartoon character with horns. And you've go, it's not like that answer. It's not like that. No, this is a very subtle individual whose aspirations and his ambitions is so positive is so, so loving and kind and caring. And just the philanthropy of this guy is unbelievable. But the fact he's a Royal he's revered. He's honored among so many people in the world, but that's the deception and what better, what better person for Satan to use in the future to deceive the world. But nonetheless, we're going to now go into the next part of this, uh, in the previous video where we discussed princess on parental loss ambitions towards regional cooperation, in terms of what region is he talking about?

We talked about in a previous episode, how Prince Hassan bin Talal is his, his ambition mirrors that of Daniel. So we're gonna, again, jump into scripture because we want to start off with the word of God. You want him to be our foundation so that as Jesus said, it's a foundation of stone that, of sand that everything that hits, it just goes in, gets destroyed. We're going to build on the foundation of stone. So let's start with the word of God. Okay. And pick up where we left off we're again, previously, we talked about the region in terms of what Daniel said and what Prince Hassan Bin Talal on is saying. Now we're going to go a little bit deeper and see what specificity, what is he actually talking about and its true goals and ambitions that he needs to be able to bring that to a fulfillment all right.

Into fruition. Okay. So again, we're talking about Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, the humanitarian Prince who wants peace for her interfaith dialogue. Now, remember this is the, this is the individual who wants to bring peace to the world, wants to bring water to those in poverty. Those who live in, uh, part impoverished, uh, circumstances in ones, those who are living in living conditions, where they have to drink dirty water. And he wants to bring interfaith dialogue to the most popular religions of the world, which is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. So he wants to do that. And just that on its face just looks remarkable. Man was bring peace, but get people drinking, clean drinking water, and stop conflict from different religious, uh, uh, uh, religious associations between those with religious different religious associations. What other men could you, could you think of who has this ambition could be any different or better than him? He's like such a positive guy, right? But that's exactly what we're supposed to think, but let's go into scripture. Oh, I'm sorry. Before we get the scripture, let's look at his website and see his, his ambitions has four pillars. Prince Hassan Bin Talal.

his drive is to bring awareness and change in terms of human dignity, dignity in the Arab world. He wants to bring a warning energy and the human environment bring attention to that. A regional cooperation and interfaith solidarity. So what does that mean? Well, in those three pillars, uh, we've found that previously that videos would discuss human dignity in terms of human circumstances, the water, energy, and human environment, in terms of improving human living circumstances in situations since surroundings with massive billion dollar investments, regional cooperation, and where are we going to focus on again today, create a new union, but the middle Eastern countries in North Africa. And now the next last part will be interfaith solidarity or interfaith dialogue, which we'll talk about later. So this is what we're going to cover today. Folks, we're going to continue this, uh, from the previous video now.

So can you number condenser had a dream in which, uh, following the captivity of the Jews are going into Babylon for the defiance against God. Uh, Daniel was taking her as a child and as you grew up, he became favored by the King of Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar. And then King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, which you could remember or interpret. So he sought out Daniel who interpreted, told them what the dream was interpreted and what she saw a vision or dream of a statue of a man. He said it was called chess and ours was silver waste of bronze legs of iron and feet of iron and clay later, a stone cut without human hands fall comes from, comes from heaven, hits the stone at the feet. Note, the stone doesn't hit the statue at the legs, waist chest, or hit it, hits it at the feet.

And this is the timeline of mankind. So the stone cut, without hands hits the statute, the feet, and then the stone becomes a mountain that it stays on. It covers the earth and rules the earth for a forever. So this is the return of Jesus Christ in which he rules it's up, as it sets up his kingdom on earth and destroys the kingdom of man and he rules the earth. So what does this mean? So let's break this down. So what we find here in, in this, um, and this vision King Nebuchadnezzar dream was interpreted as such the gold represented the kingdom of the Babylonians to not have a loaning empire. The Babylonian empire was then conquered by the Medes and Persians, which represents the arms, the left and right arms. The means the Persians or the left arm, the right arm, those two kingdoms together conquer the Babylonian empire.

As those two kingdoms became one to conquer the Babylonian empire, representing the silver chest and arms. It was conquered by the Brian's waist, which represents Alexander the great Alexander, the great conquered going from West to East, the known empire or those times, and as Alexander, the great empire span and across the earth at that time, his name after he died, there was the empire spread and split into four empires, which later became two empires, which later became one empire that we call the Roman empire. This is the where Jesus enters into the picture where Jesus into the picture here, not at the chest and arms that the, uh, gold head he enters here. So this is where Jesus comes the first time. So as Jesus came the first time in the era of the bronze waist, we see that it was during the Roman empire because it was the Roman empire that killed and executed Jesus Christ.

It was the execute, the Roman execution method of crucifixion later, the Romans then split and became the East and West Roman empire, which was represented in the prophecy of the legs. So we're so far seeing the timeline of kingdoms. Now we're in the era of the legs. As an, as the legs, as a bronze waist became two legs. We see that the Roman empire became two nations, the Eastern and Western empire. Then the prophecy goes on that these two legs become two feet, which we then see in today's modern time as, uh, Europe and the middle East. So as the iron legs evolved into be two feet, the iron legs, the Roman empire evolved to be Europe in the middle East, understand what God is focusing our attention to. He's directing our attention to this region of the earth. He's not directing us to South America or Australia or China or Canada or Russia.

He's directing our attention with regards to entire prophesy and the events that's going to happen in this region of the world. Everything has been concentrated in this region. Everything's focused in this region and it has not changed. So a lot of scholars though, and a lot of enthusiastic individuals about eschatology, where they say, Oh, no, this is spreading across the earth. No, this is focusing on this region of the world. And this is where God is focusing is directing our attention. The Holy spirit is leading us. So this is where we need to look for it. So now we're in the modern era of the era of the time of today, you're in the middle East. So let's see what scripture has to say about it in Daniel two, we are here, uh, Daniel goes on to elaborate about this, this prophecy. It says, whereas, and we're talking about the era of the feet now.

Okay. So as we're, as you saw the feet and toes, partially a Potter's clay and partially of iron, the kingdom shall be divided. You have the strength of the iron shall be in it just as you saw the iron mix with ceramic clay. And as the toes of the feet were partially of iron and partially of clay. So they came to Michelle P partially strong and partially fragile. So folks pay attention to what we're seeing here, all these highlighted notes here, partially POTUS plate and partially two kingdoms. One of clay, one of iron, one, two, just as the left foot, right foot two Kings, just as it was with the left leg and the right leg, the left Eastern Western Roman empire. So we see Europe in middle East clay, iron, the kingdom shall be divided again, one, two. So it's not the kingdom. This kingdom is still is noted as one kingdom, but it shall be a divided kingdom.

These two kingdom acting as one, two kingdoms acting as one, get the strength of the iron shall be in itself. This one clay kingdom will have the strength of the iron in it. So it's codependent, it's codependent. Have you checked out the previous video? You'll see how Prince Hassan Bin Talal is advocating for intra independent intra dependent type of, uh, ambition for Europe in the middle East human resource countries, oil resource, rich countries. So the strength of the iron Europe shabby in the strength of the, in the, in the, in the kingdom of the clay strengthen the iron shall be in the clay. Just, you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay as those toes, where has those toes of the feet were partially blind and partially clay. So we see this intermingling of the two where one of the other is mixed and there's a codependency on the other.

So the kingdom should be partially strong and partially fragile. So again, we see the weaker kingdom kingdom of the clay middle East, and the kingdom of this kingdom of Europe, which is the kingdom of iron shall be partially strong, but that strength shall be in the kingdom of clay. But as you can see how scripture is breaking this down to give us the understanding of how these two codependent nations work together, it should be a kingdom split into two. So there are two kingdoms left foot, right foot of one body of one kingdom, but one is dependent on the other, as Prince Hassan Bin Talal talked about in the previous video. So you see how he's talking about how one kingdom or one region needs to be dependent on another, but that kingdom also relies on the resources of the other. So there is a partnership between the two, as we spare scriptures talks about, again, the false prophet, the antichrist that we see the beast of the earth, the beast of the seat.

We see these two over and over and over again, working together in tandem for the goal of what Satan will do as prophesied in the Bible, but just want you to again, see what scripture is saying and how it's talking about again, these two kingdoms, and now we're going to go into what Prince Hassan Bin Talal ambition is and watch how it correlates to what scripture has already said. And it was starting to make clear sense of what he is advocating for and what he wants and what the world will give him. Because scripture has already told us this is going to happen. So let's check this out. Okay. So here we go. Now we're going to listen to Prince Hassan Bin Talal on, in his own words,

I don't see a human dignity based European foreign policy. And I say this not today, but in 1994, when we met in Casablanca, we called that is to say at that middle East, North Africa summit, uh, for an investment of $35 billion for 24 countries for, uh, Morocco to Turkey, inclusive to develop infrastructure, social services, alternative energies, or direct energy, uh, in terms of, uh, uh, cheap water and desalination. And I had expected the European union to develop a concept 35 billion was what was promised to Deauville to the Arab spring countries. Again, nothing has happened. We have no regional development bank. And, uh, I think the time has come to give some substance to the call for good neighborhood relations between Europe and the Mediterranean after all,

See what he just said, folks, did you see what he's the very nations he is targeting and what he wants to help them with, but what he has his eyes set on, okay, let's break this down. So he says, I don't see human dignity based European for our policy, but at 1984, we met in Casa Blanca and we call it this, the save the middle East in North Africa. This is his calling phrase. And when you say it's middle East and North Africa, you will find that this, this brand middle East, he has changed. He's changed it to something else because what this has done for the world, when you think of middle East is conflict, middle East conflict there. If you do a consensus on what comes to mind, when you think of middle East, it's nothing good. So he has done for many years, a rebranding of his, that region of the world, which he's calls North, I mean a West Asia.

So this is something that you'll notice. He won't say too much of he'll mention West Asia instead of middle East to rebrand the image that people get. Anyway, he talks about middle East and North Asia summit for an investment of $35 billion for 24 countries from Morocco to Turkey. So this is what he wants to do. He's seeking an investment of three $35 billion. I even heard him say more than this to be able to help countries from Morocco to Turkey. All right? So this stretches across from the Northern parts of Africa, all the way to Turkey and which is the Lavant or what we call the middle East. And why, what does he want to use this for? To develop infrastructure and social services and alternative energies. So he's already now asking for their follow the money folks, because this is where it is. He wants $35 billion to be, to be given to him so that he can then spread it across the regions for stretching from Morocco, all the way to Turkey, make no mistake, this $35 billion given from the UN or the who, whatever the case might be.

Don't think that he's going to suggest someone else to get this 35 billion, billion dollars. This is money that he wants for himself so that he could then issue it out. As he sees fit, to be able to help bees nations, but who will he be? And what would be the banner or umbrella in which this money will be under to facilitate to these nations. If this money is going to facilitate to the nations, it has to come from someone, some organization kingdom, which will have to come from some person to authorize it. And that's what we're finding out here, his effort, his advocacy for this makes so much sense that scripture talks about how ill facilitate it's going to facilitate with this funding that go to him. He will then have this new kingdom for that region. Then go down and spread across the regions from Morocco to Turkey. In fact, let's take a look at this. So what do you think about this so far? Is it starting to resonate with you starting to make sense of, so I love to know what your thoughts are. Leave a comment below, or if you're just excited and you were in agreement with me and you want to keep going on it, leaving a comment below Jesus coming. I love to hear what you have to say about all of this anyway. Okay. So now looking at what Prince Hassan said,

He's identifying the countries that in which he wants to help develop infrastructure, social service and alternative energies, 24 countries in particular, that he's INR stretching from Morocco to Turkey. So when we see Daniel's statue and we see the feet, one region and another region, two kingdoms that's divided, and we see how it maps. And we see how it mirrors Europe in the middle East one foot, the other foot, that's going to become one region that's divided. We see exactly what Prince Hassan Bin Talal mental art is identifying or what his eyes is targeting. It reflects perfectly what the statue of Daniel two is talking about stretching from Morocco, which is on this side of North Africa, all the way to Turkey, which is right here in this side of the middle East. So the very thing that Daniel was seeing here or showing us here reflects the very words.

There were the very ambition that Prince Hassan Bin Talal has for what he wants to do with this region of the world. He wants this to be one region. He wants to control the Southern coast land of the middle East or the Mediterranean. He who controls this controls all the ports all across this region. That's a powerful individual. And besides that, he wants a $35 billion investment. He wants more than that actually, but he wants this investment to be entrusted to him, to facilitate throughout this region, if they adhere to his new Confederacy or his new, uh, regional territory, which in which he will be ruler of the mall. So you see how exactly this is talking and you see exactly how this is mirroring. What Daniel to Daniel statue at the feet is talking about. It fits perfectly. Now, if that's not enough, take a look at this.

If you think this is far-fetched, this is the one Institute, the one Institute it's operating under the chairmanship of Royal Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan. Now the one is two is again, another think tank that was created by a Prince Hassan Bin Talal a lot of Jordan as there. So many institutes and think tanks that Prince Hassan Bin Talal has led that props him up as the chairman, props him up as the leader, props them up as the focal point or the spokesman of, for the, for the, the philanthropy leader for the benefit of, he has so many, um, so many honors and so many titles for so many organizations. So many NGOs non-government organizations is so many think tanks. So many groups, so many institutes. This guy is so well respected as a intellect, humanitarian, a philanthropists, one who wants to advocate for PCs.

He does so much, but the point, I don't want to bring it out here and bring it to your attention. Is this the one I want to Institute is an acronym guys. It's an acronym. Now, Juan is two stands for guess what? West Asia, North Africa wana Institute. So the wana Institute, the very Institute that he leaves that he's chairs, which wants to make bring, as you saw previously, uh, let's go back to that slide again. He wants to bring infrastructure social services on a turn of the energy. He wants to bring that energy to Juana, which is West Asia, North Africa. And as you can see, West Asia, North Africa is the middle East. This is Asia. So West Asia. And if this is Africa, this is North Africa. So he's rebranding this folks. Middle East has a bad branding. So rebranding the middle East to West Asia, North Africa sounds so soft and fluffy, but he's just rebranding this to middle from middle East.

To wanna that way it's more palatable for those who want to get on board with his initiative, because seeing, give me $35 billion for the middle East doesn't settle well because folks seeing middle East, or give me $35 billion for the middle East, doesn't settle well, but saying, give me $35 billion or more for West Asia, North Africa for infrastructure, social benefits and other humanitarian projects sounds a lot more, uh, palatable. It sounds a lot better if you projected and you speak from it, you speak about it in that point of view. So that's why he's rebranding middle East to Juana West Asian North Africa. You see how Daniel talks about how the feet is. The two feet represents the Western in the Western Eastern North, Western Eastern Roman empire. And we see his ambition that he said himself, that he set his eyes on, that he wants to help stretches from Morocco all the way to Turkey, which again was once the Eastern Roman empire, which he will then create a new kingdom, which will then be led by another person in Europe.

But this is a new kingdom, the kingdom of clay that big Daniel talks about now that you see what the Holy spirit is showing us all. And you're learning more about who the antichrist will be. I highly recommend that you visit a website and subscribe number one so that you can stay informed and updated on news. And in new videos that I post in new content that I have for you all. Number two, when you subscribe to the website, you're also get a downloadable privacy guide that I made for you. So if you're new to this, or you're deep in this, you have a prophecy guide. That'll be able to give you a visual aid of Daniel's prophecy and the prophecies that happened from his time to our modern era. So you could be able to catalog and see in chronological order, the prophecies that are already been fulfilled from Danner's era tracing all the way to our modern area, the most recent prophecy that was refilled right in your lifetime.

That mostly no one's talking about, but I am. And you can see with this tracking what prophecy has happened then and where we are now. And lastly, number three, with the proxy guide, you'll also be able to see a future. Prophecy is going to happen next, you'll see the next prophecy that we need to watch for so that when it happens, you'll have with you proven evidence, what the Holy spirit is teaching us here. And what I said to watch for giving credibility to what the teachings of the Holy spirit, the message the Lord is telling us that he's sending us for us. Also having this prophecy guy will be able to prove validate what the Holy spirit is, showing us what he's teaching us. And when it happens, you'll have it right there. It's like, Whoa, this dude said this would happen. And it happened for our benefit and edification.

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We're speaking about revelation 20 when the Pearl or peace will come on earth when God throws Satan in jail in the bottom of this pit for a thousand years. So definitely will help me out as a content creator. I can use this to be able to expand and be able to get more exposure and more reach, to be able to get more people and more Christians to read the book of revelation and help them be aware of the signs that God, the Holy spirit is teaching and showing us all today. So thank you for watching. Don't be good to watch these other videos. So that way you can learn more about who the answer Christ will be. Just like Jesus alluded to who the first hundred petition would be Judas. The Holy Spirit's teaching us who the second center petition would be. So definitely check out these other videos. You'll learn a lot about it and don't forget to like, please like the videos and subscribe and just share to one Christian, just one Christian, just one so that we can all be a part of God's plan, getting his message out that Jesus is coming.


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